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french for juniors bookHaven’t you wished you started learning French or other foreign language when you were a child? Allow your son or daughter to experience this enormously beneficial activity.

Learning a new language is much easier for children than for adults. Young ears perceive the nuances of sounds and children’s tongues get smoothly accustomed to pronouncing foreign phonemes, which lead to speaking the language perfectly and without an accent.

Apart from linguistic benefits, the cognitive abilities of children learning a foreign language are increased. Their future study and work options are multiplied, travels to other countries bring more unique experiences and learning other languages becomes easier!

Currently, tuition for juniors is delivered through private lessons.

Private classes for children fees:

Children from 7 to 11 years old:                     

  • 45 minutes x 10 lessons: $520
  • 45 minutes x 5 lessons:   $260
  • 45 minutes x 1 lesson:     $55

 Children from 12 years old-  year 7:

  • 10 hours: $660
  • 5 hours:   $330
  • 1 hour:     $72

Students specify the number of hours they wish to commit to and pay for, and there are 6 months from the date of purchase to use the class credit.

Cancellations/rescheduling notices must be received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and by the tutor no later than 24 hour prior to the lesson.

A missed class without a 24-hour notice will be counted as used.

For more information or to express interest in private lessons for your child, please contact our Course Coordinator, Nicole RICHARD phone 0408 610 919 (business hours) or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking lessons for your child.
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  • In 2013 some friends and I were planning a trip to France, so at the beginning of that year, I decided to start learning the language. The reason was not only to communicate but also, to keep my brain active,

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