If you love French and you love music, this is for you!

There is a free French chanson workshop being held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, in the Basement, on Friday 25th August, starting at 6 pm. To participate you need to register by 1st June. You will find the link on our Facebook page of 24th April.

 The workshop is being conducted by the singer Pauline with her band Mzaza.

They will take you on a journey through French songs of the 20th century, learning the songs of Piaf,

Brassens, Gainsbourg and others.

Workshop participants will be invited to take part in Mzaza's show at the Gold Coast Arts Centre on 

Sunday 10th September, performing one of the songs they have learned with the band.

Participants will also be eligble for a two-for-one ticket deal to the show.

The link for registration can be found on our Facebook page of 24th April. Click on the link!


  • I have always had a love of French language, food and culture. Several years ago, when I discovered that there was a branch of Alliance Française here on the Gold Coast, I was naturally drawn to it.

    Learning a new

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